About  Dance Therapy South Africa

Dance Therapy was born from my passion for both dance and Psychology. My journey to becoming a therapist started long before I had any awareness of the path I was on.

About  dance

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to try my hand at many dance forms, including ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop and salsa, amongst others. I enjoyed each style for varying reasons, however, the most prominent and overarching reason that kept me coming back to dance was the feeling and emotion dance allowed me to experience. Dance was an escape from the stressors of life. It gave me the opportunity to get back in touch with my body; a problem many women face. Dance gave me a platform in which to express my feminine energy and power. It often had the added benefit of keeping me fit and lifting my mood. I always felt a sense of control in my movements which often escaped me when interacting with the world.


About  life choices

Alongside my growth and development through dance, came my entry into the world of Psychology. Up until the age of 25, I was living directionless with a lack of passion. I felt as if I were living my life with my eyes closed. As often happens in such situations, a catalyst comes along to wake us from our slumber and forces us to make critical life decisions. I had to decide if I wanted to accept a promotion in a position I had no interest in, in a company I felt most comfortable working for. If I did not take up the position, I would have to leave the company (my comfort zone) and find my direction elsewhere.

My decision came from a multitude of Aptitude tests I had done over the years. Feeling totally lost, I sat with lists and lists of possible career choices in front of me. At the top of every list, which according to the Psychologists was right for my personality, was Psychology. It also happened to be the only career on the list that I felt a physical fear reaction to every time I saw the written word. Due to the absolute fear I felt whenever I came across that word on each list, I decided it was a fear I had to face. This led to ten years of studies and a growing interest in, and passion for, Psychology. I now hold a Masters degree in Research Psychology from Stellenbosch University in South Africa.


About  life purpose

Towards the end of my academic career, I chose to go back to dance class and complete my SADTA (Now SABOD) teaching qualification in Modern Dance (which I had put aside a few years earlier when my studies became all-consuming). Having now come to the end of my journey in completing my dance teachers qualification, I felt a strong desire to use my knowledge of dance and my psychological background to offer all the benefits of dance and therapy that I have experienced over many years.

Bringing the best of both worlds together allows me to offer a unique style of therapy to help you get in touch with your body and process all those old and unwanted emotional blocks that so often affect our daily lives. Dance Therapy is a great way to get out of your head and into your body, while processing your unconscious emotional issues in a safe environment.

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Picture Source: Kevin Peiser – 12 years old (My wonderful nephew)