Trauma and the Body
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Trauma and the Body In light of the recent focus on sexual abuse and the #metoo campaign on social media, it made me think more closely about trauma and the effects of emotional turmoil on the body. Ironically, I started writing this article a little while ago, before the conversation around sexual abuse and trauma […]

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How to choose the right Therapist
How to choose the right Therapist article: Young woman confused with arms in air

How to choose the right Therapist Faine Bisset There are many different forms of therapy offered in Cape Town, let alone in South Africa… Talk-based therapies such as Psychology, Psychiatry and Counselling Methodologies; Hypnotherapy; Dance Therapy; Art Therapy; Drama Therapy; Transformational Seminars and Workshops, etc. And there are many wonderful, skilled and knowledgeable Therapists who […]

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